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Call Center Solution:

NY-Cube™ architecture creates complex communication systems from 'LEGO™- like' building blocks (NY-Cubes) of functionality. A message passing software bus with an open interface ensures easy addition of new functional components. It also allows load distribution among multiple copies of each functional cube. Proprietary and legacy components are integrated through adapter cubes. This distributed Beowulf cluster of NY-Cubes supports high levels of redundancy, fault tolerance and performance scalability. Functional cubes at each layer of convergence use a uniform set of well-defined services offered by its lower layer. Thus the Entity Management Layer uses profile and endpoint information to activate and control the applications in the Dialog Component Layer. At the highest level of convergence the Service Creation Layer ties it all together to present a personalized user experience.

From the figure shown:

Protocol Layer :
This layer presents a protocol abstraction to the higher layers and contains the implementation of VOIP & IP transport protocols like SIP, H.323, MGCP etc. A new standard / proprietary protocol can be easily added using the open interface of the message bus.

Dialogue Component Layer :
Contains applications and customizable state machines for each of the different media streams, Viz. Voice, Video, SMS etc. This Layer isolates the rest of the system from the specifics of the media streams.

Entity Management Layer :
This layer handles the endpoint based on a set of parameters defined by the profile and endpoint management components. Entity management layer ensures that the profile information is kept up to date and the information stored is available to the other components.

Service Creation Layer :
Service creation layer facilitates easy creation of new services and is responsible for tying all the components together to give a personalized feel to the end user. transparently.