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           Intelligent Video Surveillance:

Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS): Solutions allows its users to easily monitor and secure areas with security cameras. With this new state of the art technology, businesses can easily monitor places of interest with sophisticated software that makes detecting threats or unwanted visitors simple and effective.

Intrusion Detection

  »  Perimeter Protection

  »  Intrusion Detection

  »  Object Tracking

  »  Detection of an object in Un crowded Scenes

  »  Running, Loitering


  »  Statisctical Analysis

  »  Marketing

  »  Avilablity to count multiple direction

  »  Traffic Flow Analysis and Reporting

  »  Export to Spredsheet Managment System or Database

  »  For Security E.g. 40 In 39 Out

  »  High Accuracy

Behaviour Analysis

Slip and Fall / "Man Down" Detection

  »  Public Liablity Minimization

  »  care in aged home

  »  Allows Immediate Assistance And Preventative action

Detection Of Ssuspicious Behaviour

  »  Customizable Detection Pattern

Crowd Management

  »  Crowd Management

  »  Traffic Management

  »  Queue Management

  »  Average Waiting Time

Non Motion Detection

  »  Detects Static Changes to a scene

  »  Ignore Motion

  »  Handle Crowded And Busy Enviorment

  »  Completly Unique(Internationally Patented)

  »  Can Detect Tiny Objects

  »  Can Detect Invisible Object in Low Contarst

License Plate Recognigation

  »  Fully Integrated with Detection Engine

  »  Simultaneous Detection and Identification On a Single Camera Without Loss of
       Field of view