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           Physical Sacnning:


Physical scanning includes the maintenance of physical resources such as movie theatre in which only ticket holders should be permitted logical resources like bank account with a limited number of persons initialized to create withdrawals and digital resources in which it contains confidential documents on the computer which is permitted to read only to limited amount of people.

Use of Physical Scanning

The utilization of physical scanning may include a mankind like a border guard, doorman or may be a ticket checker possessing a turnstile device. It is applied in the system of checking in the presence of authorized individual like ticket controller in the case of transportation. In terms of physical security the system of access control refers to carry out the limitation of the entrance to a property, a building, a room to the authorized individuals. The physical access control system can also be utilized for the management control and to monitor the specified main areas or to admit various small assets.

It includes to the subject of whom, where and when. In addition, it is determined in permission of the entry and exit to the subject to whom, where and when.


Hence in physical scanning mechanical locks and keys does not permit the restriction of the key holder to certain dates and periods. This do not provide the maintenance of the records and keys utilized at a particular date and time which can further help of not copying or transmitting to any unauthorized individual. When there comes a period when the mechanical key has been lost or is no more authorized to use to the guarded area then there is a time to be re-keyed.