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The term or the word security basically implies to the secured life of an individual wherein he is not prepared to face any direct threat. Security is implied in every aspect of situations and locations. Security solution is mainly implied to protect against intruders in relation with the fixing up of the steps by the establishment. Security solutions are generally applicable for the betterment of the achievement of expectations through access controlled systems. The term security solution covers various areas such as helpful in physical, informational, financial as well as computer protection. As long as about the home security there is a wide range of security solution implied such as burglar alarms, hard – wired mechanisms, motion detectors and lastly cameras surveillance systems. There are even security agencies that can help to monitor security systems through various measures such as Internet or alarms.

Types of Security Solutions

The Access Control security systems is basically authorized to protect homes, offices, shops, buildings, malls etc commencing forced action or entry and minimizes the chances of burglary or mugging in. This kind of security is mostly applicable in huge organizations and government administration like FBI and CIA which possess highly sophisticated mechanisms that are designed to meet the needs of the association. Even now-a-days laser technology is employed in terms of access control systems wherein an invisible ray covers the door or the place.

Today even computerized electronic security device has proved to be one of the best and user friendly security solution system. These type of security helps in monitoring the back doors, fire exists and storage facilities involved in huge storied buildings. Standalone or even a wireless is a type of security system which is categorized under access control security system.

In present lifestyle there is a need and importance of security solution in various sectors. The basic aim in giving security is to supply suitable and all kinds of protection under a single hold and control. With the support of all information and complete access control security systems one can attain and access work smoothly by controlling significant state of affairs. Example: Initially a card holder penetrates the building after long hours, in that situation one can automatically activate area lightening, whereas in case of the exist of fire an individual can examine CCTV Video estimate situations to make them under control by unlocking doors and direct fans for safety and security in order for the swelling up of the smoke and sprinkler injuries. Hence, this maximizes the productivity and minimization of risks in the organization.